Glin-jobs mailing list

List information

GLIN-Jobs is a forum for sharing Great Lakes-related job postings with a targeted audience. This list especially highlights job opportunities that involve the science, management or economic development of the water and land resources of the Great Lakes basin.

The list may also be used to inform job hunters about helpful resources, including other job bulletin boards, career centers in the Great Lakes region, helpful web sites, etc. The list is designed to reach a broad spectrum of interests in the region.

GLIN-Jobs should *NOT* be used to discuss issues and it is normally expected that people will not *reply* to the list. Other lists exist or will be created for people to discuss special interests. It's up to GLIN-Jobs users to be responsible in their use of this service.

GLIN-Jobs is a private list. This means that only subscribers can post directly to the list. Non-member submissions are forwarded to the list owner for approval. GLIN-Jobs is managed by the GLIN project team at the Great Lakes Commission.

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