Jax-birds mailing list

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The purpose of the JAX-BIRDS email list is to inform nature lovers of rare and unusual birds, report the outcome of field trips, bring attention to unusual bird behavior, and to announce important events or news that affect birds, their habitat, and their welfare. Our focus for the most part is on Jackson Co., and the varied habitats that exist here in the county. Some sightings, issues, and behaviors that effect birds in the greater Southeastern Great Lakes region may also be reported. However, this is not a chat forum.

JAX-BIRDS is a closed list. This means that only subscribers can post directly to the list. Non-member submissions are forwarded to the list owner for approval.

JAX-BIRDS is an email list maintained by Don Henise (kiskadee3 at yandex.com). Contact Don with questions, corrections, or comments. JAX-BIRDS was created in 2007 by Lathe Claflin and is affiliated with the BIRDERS list.

JAX-BIRDS is hosted by the Great Lakes Information Network (GLIN).

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